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Brian Eno’s “Here Come The Warm Jets” (1974)

Depeche Mode’s “Construction Time Again” (1983)

You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is like an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty. Mahatma Gandhi

on bill o’reilly, sean hannity, and the like…

i don’t know why we give them any attention. isn’t giving them any of our attention or reacting to them in any way just dignifying their puppetry? the reason people like this are on tv saying dumb shit is because we’re willing to react to the dumb shit they say. i say, turn it off. ignore ‘em. they feed off of our reactions so, let’s just starve ‘em.

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2 albums…

The Telescopes’ “Taste” (1988)

Hum’s “You’d Prefer An Astronaut” (1995)

i always wondered about stereotypes. especially when people act like the very stereotype of their “identity” role. i always thought it was strange that people would act in the exact way that an ignorant or bigoted person would expect them to act. i always wondered if they realized that they were acting like a stereotype and whether they were aware of how they’re actually perpetuating the stereotypes and the ignorance that goes along with them.

but then i realized something one day while on one of my contemplative hikes through nature. i realized, potentially, why this happens and why it’s truly not their fault. we live in a society in which no one is taught to be comfortable inside their own skin, to create an identity based on who they truly are on the inside, and to feel comfortable expressing themselves through their own self-created identity.

and so because of this, adolescents growing up look for the identity roles that seem to click with who either they believe they are or who they’ve been told they are. it’s normal, usually just before the teen years, for human beings in our culture to look for an identity that is beyond their parents, beyond their family circle. and since we aren’t taught to look inside ourselves for this identity nor are we taught to feel comfortable with living with our own true identity, we look towards what we see all around us.

we look for the identity roles in our society. some of these identity roles are promoted heavily, others, such as the more rebellious non-conformist identity roles, are not promoted as much (although they are still promoted in some form.) as we look for an identity to cling to, we find the one that suits whoever we believe we might be at that time. we usually find ourselves taking the identity roles from television, movies, advertising, popular music, celebrities, etc etc. 

aaaaand, if you haven’t already noticed this, they don’t really show a large variety of personalities in any mainstream media. they tend to show a few stereotypical exaggerated personality types and everything else kinda falls under that. and so, kids get to the age of looking for their identity and all they tend to find are raging racial and/or sexual stereotypes and artificial gender traits and status quo normalities and unauthentic fake manufactured-for-entertainment-purposes personality types. and its from those that the identity role is usually chosen (at least here in north american society.)

people take on the identity roles that have been given to them because they aren’t given any guidance on how to create their own identity based on their own inner magic, beauty, and creativity. in fact, our society outright demeans it at a very early age. before we’re even very aware of society at all, society has already pointed it’s finger at us, telling us we need to measure up. and when we don’t build that inner confidence with whoever we really are, at the core of our being, well, we just take on a bunch of fake trash. and we live it, thinking that it’s us, believing that we are the role we’ve chosen.

and from there, we live very confused and unhappy existences attempting to fill the void left from where we inadvertently abandoned our souls.

i just thought of something. the reason why gay stereotypes are so exaggerated and rampant in north american television/movies/media is because the heterosexual writers don’t have a clue how to write for a homosexual character. so what do they do? they take the character and turn it into the most raging stereotype, which usually means turning them into the most daft hyper-exaggerated one-dimensional stereotypical version of the character’s gender opposite. so, turn a male character into an over-embellished primitive female stereotype and turn a female character into an over-embellished primitive male stereotype. and then, bam bam, you basically have got yourself writing for a straight character again. now the writing is back in familiar territory for heterosexual writers. (that is, as long as there are no sex scenes lol.)

If a product has an advertisement, you don’t need it. Russell Brand

soundtrack of the day

2 albums…

The Tea Party’s “The Edges of Twilight” (1995)

Medicine’s “Shot Forth Self Living” (1992)

soundtrack of the day

2 albums…

Smashing Pumpkins’ “Gish” (1991)

Galaxie 500’s “On Fire” (1989)

Destroy negative thoughts when they first appear. This is when they’re the weakest. Songide Makwa

the #dmca is one of those industry-sponsored legislations that equates to ultra-rich elderly industrialists whining about new technologies changing the way business is traditionally performed.

“get the lawyers in here and let’s get busy before we lose any more control over the media we invested in but didn’t actually create, all because of new technologies we don’t know how to use to our own benefit,” said the dmca proponents.

“we like getting paid,” said the politicians and judges.

soundtrack of the day…

3 albums…

Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Mothers Milk” (1989)

The Shins’ “Oh, Inverted World” (2001)

Catherine Wheel’s “Ferment” (1992)

i keep waking up with words/melodies in my head that i gotta quickly write down before they are forgotten forever. tonight after an unplanned nap i woke up with the lyrics/melodies for a song that starts out “i would go on a date with a fugitive.” it’s ultra strange because the style is something i feel like i wouldn’t sing as it’s not me, but, who am i then? can i really let my “identity” interfere with my “art”? am i really that afraid? i mean, are we not just vessels for creative energy from who-the-fuck-knows-where? if this is what’s coming to me as a receiver, how can it not be “me”?

i led a horse to water
and then i made him drink
he said thanks i need that
but you didn’t have to force me
i needed a drink anyway
cuz i was thirsty as the desert
i was thirstier than the desert
i was thirsty as the desert
i led a horse to water
and he said i’m not a horse
i’m a camel with two humps
a mongolian camel
ride me i’m a mammal
i was thirsty as the desert
i was thirstier than the desert
i was thirsty as the desert
now i’m clean