i keep waking up with words/melodies in my head that i gotta quickly write down before they are forgotten forever. tonight after an unplanned nap i woke up with the lyrics/melodies for a song that starts out “i would go on a date with a fugitive.” it’s ultra strange because the style is something i feel like i wouldn’t sing as it’s not me, but, who am i then? can i really let my “identity” interfere with my “art”? am i really that afraid? i mean, are we not just vessels for creative energy from who-the-fuck-knows-where? if this is what’s coming to me as a receiver, how can it not be “me”?

i led a horse to water
and then i made him drink
he said thanks i need that
but you didn’t have to force me
i needed a drink anyway
cuz i was thirsty as the desert
i was thirstier than the desert
i was thirsty as the desert
i led a horse to water
and he said i’m not a horse
i’m a camel with two humps
a mongolian camel
ride me i’m a mammal
i was thirsty as the desert
i was thirstier than the desert
i was thirsty as the desert
now i’m clean

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If you want peace, you don’t talk to your friends. You talk to your enemies. Desmond Tutu
Heaven is this moment. Hell is the burning desire for this moment to be different. It’s that simple. Jeff Foster

truths about anger

as one who has lived with anger problems in my past and has overcome them, i’d like to share some things i’ve picked up over the years. some of these you probably already know, or maybe not, doesn’t matter, it’s not a competition or anything. lol.

1. what/who you are angry at is not the cause of your anger. what appears to have spurred your feelings of anger, impatience, and frustration, is NOT what is causing those feelings. your anger actually stems from something deeper inside you and has shit all to do with what you are angry at.

2. expressing your anger does not get rid of your anger. many people think that if they express their anger, they’ve released it—that if they vent, they’ve healed—but such is not true. every time you express the feelings of anger, whether through conflict, your words, violence, whatever, you are only cultivating anger-based habits. as the habits get stronger and build deeper neural connections in your mind, you’ll find yourself getting angry or frustrated more and more often, over seemingly nothing. this goes for all emotions i think. the more often you feel them, the more often you’re going to feel them.

3. repressing anger isn’t helpful either. if you start to feel angry for whatever reason, it’s ok. although it’s unhealthy, it’s totally natural. allow yourself to feel through it without expressing it in an outwardly or inwardly projective way. breathe through it. and if something needs to be said, say it! if something needs to be done, do it! it doesn’t require anger. yes, your anger might be telling you that something needs to be said or done, however, i don’t recommend doing or saying those things while you are angry. believe me, that’s a recipe for disaster. let yourself cool off first. and then do it, say what you feel you need to say, do what you feel you need to do.

4. our anger, despite seeming the opposite, usually comes from us being angry at ourselves and has nothing to do with anyone else. your anger is yours to learn to deal with. do not expect people to stop making you angry because only you can do that. do not expect the world to stop putting you in situations that make you angry because only you can do that. you only end up in those situations because life is trying to teach you something about yourself. so go inward. watch those thoughts. you’ll notice that you’ve developed patterns and that those patterns can be changed. anger is really not much more than the result of bad mood habits, which you can change if you have the will and patience to do so.

simple things i’ve done when i felt the tip of the anger spark:
- breathe, slow and deep.
- laugh! a lot. the more seriously we take life, the more we are hurt by it’s inevitable ups and downs. life doesn’t need to be taken seriously. the idea that life needs to be taken seriously is a trick of the mind based around fear.
- remind yourself that no one can be blamed for who they are and what they do because, in this moment, it’s the best they can do. and if you were them, you would be doing what they’re doing because you’d be them. you would see life through their eyes, not yours. try not to blame them as it won’t help them or you.
- don’t react. it takes practice, but the less you react negatively to things in your life, the less they will affect you. i’ve learned that reaction is BIG. when you stop reacting emotionally to life’s various undesirable moments, you also start to see that (1) it’s pointless and unnecessary to react 99% of the time (2) the reactions are often based on inner insecurity and (3) your reactions make up most of what is bothering you in the first place. your reactions to things take up more emotional space than the actual things themselves ever do.
- music is a major mood affecter. now, i don’t believe that angry music makes people angry because i’ve experienced it doing the opposite. not saying it can’t make you angry, but i think it’s important to note that it can easily go both ways. i’m saying this because i’ve noticed some people really do think that angry music will always make people angry but i must mention that they are neglecting to understand that everyone experiences music (and life in general) subjectively, so making blanket statements like that are ripe with inaccuracy. i find when angry it’s helpful to listen to whatever music you know has made you very happy in the past. if you consciously focus on the music you love, your mood changes before you’re even aware of it.
- repeat a mantra to yourself in your head. this is generally helpful to your own mind health. find yourself a mantra, whether it be an ancient sacred mantra or a modern mantra or one you make up yourself, it doesn’t matter. find yourself a (positive) mantra that you can repeat over and over and over again. it can be really hard to turn off the mind’s constant chatter, especially when you have little experience doing so and even more especially when you are angry or stressed or running on bad thought habits. so replace the chatter with a mantra. you don’t have to keep the same mantra forever either, of course. just like the kind of music that makes you happy, you can and should use your own better judgement on this. nothing is written in stone and you can experiment freely with it as you wish.

i’m not sure if i’ve missed anything but if i have, i’ll edit the post lol. peace and happy travelling!

buy me a flattop wig; retroactively join the cast of family matters; brush my teeth with a violin bow; planking on plaque; envision visionary boiler room warning signs held together with scotch tape whiskey; dropping balms; swim majestically to the summerlands; sit in my homemade orgone accumulator; metal hats and petrichor; shower in the sampled sunshine; cheeseball weddings and bitcrushed monogamy; potluck quilting bees for the ladies of the mutant callus; renting catamites at a-list carwashes; the oxycodone puts a hole in your brain; we’re listening to sand; we’re talking to the random astral wildlife; infinite hyperbole swung around a hefty satellite; gems and jewels and empty cells; self-justified plant matter bushing up the bricklayers pageantry; felonious funk; i like the smell you left on my clothes; the grim reaper’s peppy sickle; floating in a punchbowl with angular angel wings made of salad and titan’s thought clock; coding the repertoire in glass needles; pumpkins with laces; agogo high agogo low; a place to go; a place to grow; a place to glow; a wild growl in a plastic sack; tendentious rhetoric; tendonitis potstickers; liplocked in candyland with a fancy flan fantastic; pedal to the metal; buy me a flattop wiggle; do you know what i am saying?

Don’t worry if you’re making waves by simply being yourself. The moon does it all the time. Scott Stabile
The pollution of the planet is only an outward reflection of an inner psychic pollution: millions of unconscious individuals not taking responsibility for their inner space. Echkart Tolle
You think of yourselves as humans searching for a spiritual awakening, when in fact you are spiritual beings attempting to cope with a human awakening. Seeing yourselves from the perspective of the spirit within will help you to remember what you came here to do. The Group

if i write a book

if i write a book
with my head in a look
i’ll need some ideas of some kind
i’ll be blasted and juiced out of my mind
there’ll be gnomes on the floor pacing back and forth
and the drawstring on my heart will be untied

and i’ll see that everybody is just learning how to live until they die

if i write the part
i’ll be burning in my heart
i’ll be feeling a fire of some kind
i’ll be running around inside my mind
there’ll be flames in my chest racing back and forth
and the cover of my book will be open wide

and i’ll see that i am everybody, learning how to live until i die

it’s interesting, the events going on in the world right now seem to be happening just to lift the veils for us. it seems very obvious. all the lies we’ve taken in for so long are unravelling before our eyes through world events—the manifestation of the truths that have been obscured for decades, centuries, even millennia.

soundtrack of the day

2 albums…

Devo’s “Oh No! It’s Devo!” (1982)

Tubeway Army’s “Replicas” (1979)

soundtrack of the day

2 albums…

Cream’s “Fresh Cream” (1966)

The Doors’ “Strange Days” (1967)